About Naomi

“I don’t sing because I’m happy; I’m happy because I sing.”
— William James

I’m complicated, so first the personal, then the professional.  Scroll down to the horizontal bar below to see a synopsis of my career.

Being transgender is no walk in the park. Hiding my real self 24×7 was too much to bear, but full transition to female involved too high a personal cost. Marriage breakdown, loss of friends, verbal abuse, prejudice and hurtful assumptions, is part of the cost I have already paid.

It took me 4½ years to realise that transition to female is necessary, and the best option for me to live a life that works.  Most of you can probably understand that it’s a fearful and stressful thing for me to move about in the world dressed as a woman, when there is a risk that people might perceive me as a man.  To put this in perspective for you … continuing to live as a man is many times more stressful than that.

By comparison, giving a talk in front of a couple hundred people is a piece of cake.

My gender identity is “tomboy”, rather than “girly girl”. Forget transgender stereotypes … I don’t need dresses, makeup or girly shoes. I DO NEED to be acknowledged and accepted as (honorary) female.

One day, I hope that workplace discrimination against transgender people, will be recognised for what it is. I hope that the equality  which cisgender women have achieved in the workplace, will also be available to transwomen. False assumptions will fall away, and many will see that transwomen, are just as capable as cisgender women & men.

To paraphrase Ghandi, I intend to be part of that change.

If you have any doubts that transwomen are capable, I invite you to consider this short interview with Cate McGregor, our highest ranking transgender military official.

If you would like to contact me, please email, or post a brief comment below, and I will be in touch. The email address associated with your comment will remain confidential.

Information Architect

Having discovered a passion for computing and automation when I was a young child, a career in IT was almost inevitable. With strengths in technical understanding, software process, and interpersonal communication, I was swiftly promoted to lead roles in enterprise-scale client-server software development projects, a career path I have happily pursued for 19 years.

Initially leading individual projects of 10+ man years of development effort, my career progressed to overseeing architecture across multiple projects, architecture for an entire portfolio, then enterprise-level projects across multiple portfolios.

I facilitate collaboration with business and technical teams, primarily in my role as Information Architect, but also in end-to-end solution architecture, integration, and technical business analysis spaces.

My experience ranges across numerous bespoke ERP applications for vertical markets, involving accounting, billing, purchasing, job costing, business process automation, document routing, and computer-assisted reconciliation. All eight of my major projects since 2001 have included B2B and electronic integration, across multiple portfolios, product suites and organisations, with my first utilisation of SOA in 2002, then utilising SOA again in 2010 through 2013.

Given a continuous flow of integration projects, my day-to-day work frequently included planning for master data management (MDM), remote data quality monitoring, data governance, and stakeholder management.

OLAP and ETL applications that I designed, include pricing analysis, expenditure, business performance, purchase optimisation, and reconciliation progress analytics. We had diverse OLAP targets including small to large scale Kimball-style cube extracts, a high volume Inmon-style data warehouse, and analysis cubes using front-end and back-end dynamic cache of in-progress transactions (a.k.a. Operational Intelligence).

If you’d like to see my full CV, please email me, or post a brief comment below, and I will contact you. The email address associated with your comment will remain confidential.
Thank you.


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